Base Panels

Base Panels

Our Base Panels have made it possible to install different kinds of grounds for different needs. The system is easy to install on any type of surface and requires little to no groundworks. Stunning installations to look at and definitely state-of-the-art playground!

Base Panels

Base Panels Multi Sport - Amsterdam – Cruyff Court

A playground in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam was converted to a Cruyff Court within days as the installing company used the RSI Base Panel to quickly improve the safety features of the field. The Base Panels were installed directly on the existing asphalt base before the artificial turf surface was added. The Base Panel shockpad delivers the required shock absorption and vertical deformation. All it requires is a flat surface for installation.

Base Panel School Sport - UK

A rooftop playground became reality for a school in England as the installing company used the RSI Base Panel system to provide the required shock absorption and drainage capacity. The lightweight and rigid panels can be installed on any flat surface. As the Base Panel helps draining water horizontally, a rooftop garden or playground on these panels doesn’t require a subbase with temporary water storage capacity.

School Sport Non Filled Turf - UK London School

Thanks to the RSI non-filled artificial turf system, a school in London managed to add a state-of-the-art artificial turf field to its facility without increasing its footprint. The field is installed on top of its building. Wind or rain will not blow away or distort the infill, while the surface will always remain in perfect condition.

Base Panel Community Pitch

Local residents in Antwerp, Belgium, built their own community pitch to exercise on and play sports together. Thanks to the easy-to-handle click-and-play RSI Base Panels, they produced the performance and drainage layer themselves, before a contractor finished it off with artificial turf. The residents now have a safe pitch that can handle any type of weather.

Non Filled Turf - Romania

For their newly established high-performance centre, former football player Ciprian Marica and tennis legend Ilie Năstase wanted the best possible surface. The RSI non-filled artificial turf field doesn’t pollute the environment but does offer players the best possible football playing experience. This was recognised by the local chapter of Juventus FC. The academy is now using the field to prepare their players of the future.

Base Panel Golf - Paris, Westerhoven Reference

Wear and tear of a driving range in Paris is no longer the case, as a club invested in an artificial turf driving range built on the unique RSI Base Panel system. These panels can be shaped according to the design of the driving range or putting green and ensure golf balls always run over a flat surface, no matter the quality of the player.

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