Air Dome Concepts

The RSI SPORTS air dome concept provides clubs with a temporary but reliable solution to covering their field and turning their facility into a year-round sports facility. By embracing an RSI SPORTS Air dome, clubs and municipalities will offer members and society an opportunity to pursue sport and exercise at any time of year. 

The RSI SPORTS air dome concept encompasses a structure without a frame to protect a field and players from the elements, a multi-purpose floor that contributes to the activity as well as infrastructure and technology that contribute to the usage and comfort of the facility.

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Lasting quality that won’t need a permit

The ease and speed with which our air domes can be installed and dismantled, means that almost all municipalities consider our structures to be temporary facilities. That is why our air domes don’t need approval or permits from the authorities. 

The domes have been designed and tested to withstand the elements as well as people eager to challenge their durability. The air dome is fixed to the ground by means of a special anchoring system. 

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Air Dome Concepts

A comfortable drape

All RSI SPORTS air domes come with LED floodlights, heating and management technology that help generate maximum leverage. 

The technically advanced heating system works on any type of fuel to produce enough heat to provide comfort. A double membrane minimizes possible heat-loss to the absolute minimum. Smart technology continuously communicates with the heater to ensure the temperature maintains the pre-set conditions. Venue operators automatically receive a warning in case of malfunctions or changed conditions. 

Energy friendly LED luminaires step in to provide enough lux onto the field once the combination of large windows and translucent fabric no longer guarantees sufficient natural lighting. The smart LED illumination technology can be controlled on-site or from a distance, enabling both players as well as staff in the clubhouse to control the use of the fields and the energy consumed.

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For any use

RSI SPORTS air domes are used to cover hockey fields, tennis courts and football or rugby pitch in areas that experience either very cold winter or very hot summer conditions. The air dome ensures players can safely participate in the game.

The domes can cover any type of surface and any dimension. 

Clubs and municipalities in need of an indoor sports facility for use for indoor hockey or indoor football as well as sports like indoor tennis, handball, basketball or gymnastics can be assisted with a special indoor flooring solution that RSI SPORTS has available to stimulate these indoor sports. 

The special tiles are easy to install and remove. This can be done by members of the club or the local community. Their contribution to the construction and dismantling of the facility will certainly add a sense of belonging and ownership that will strengthen the business case.

The floor meets all requirements for player well-being and game experience that are being dictated by the international sports governing bodies.

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