Athletic Skills Model (ASM) Concept

The ASM concept is a training concept to train experienced and novice athletes of all ages regardless their physical limitations. This low-entry concept only requires a high-quality multi-purpose surface to train society in a leisurely and inspiring way. ASM developed “Playce’s” The Playce X is a 484m2 sport, movement and pleasure zone, where all 10 basic forms of movement can be trained.

The ASM uses 10 basic forms of moment that each are a ground form of a particular skill. It is a practical and scientifically based talent development model for elite sport, recreational and unorganized sport, Physical Education, health care and art and culture. It introduces a unique structure of versatility through Adaptive Training, Donor Sports and Multisports. Solutions from one sport are consciously and unconsciously transferred to another. This results in positive transfers in the technical, tactical, conditional, strategic and mental areas. With this targeted approach, programmes can be tailor-made for every kind of sport and movement, for every mover and for all levels.

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Athletic Skills Model (ASM) Concept
Athletic Skills Management (ASM) Concept

The ASM Concept

By thinking in terms of skills, concepts and competencies, other forms of play, activities, exercises and sports can contribute to optimal talent development. ASM teaches the following skills:

  • Balancing and falling
  • Romping and fighting
  • Moving and locomotion
  • Jumping and landing
  • Rolling, tumbling and turning
  • Throwing, catching, hitting and aiming
  • Kicking, shooting and aiming
  • Climbing and scrambling
  • Swinging
  • Moving to music and making music

ASM Facility

The RSI SPORTS ASM facilities builds can be fitted with an artificial turf surface on top of an RSI SPORTS Base Panel layer, or on a RSI Sports Panel surface. Both surfaces provide the required shock absorption and impact attenuation that deliver the highest HIC value. These durable surfaces are able to handle the extensive forces and usage demand that facilities in the public domain can experience. They are not dependant on maintenance to perform continuously.

The facilities are finished in different colors that complement the visual appearance but, more importantly, help distinguish the various exercises that are part and parcel of the system.

The skills and experience of the RSI SPORTS installation teams guarantee the quality of the installation and the durability of this training facility.

Scientific Approach

ASM is the brainchild of René Wormhoudt. His experience as a physiotherapist at the youth and first team of AFC Ajax and the Dutch FA is complemented by Prof. Geert Savelsbergh of the Human Movement Sciences Department at the VU Amsterdam. He is also a lecturer in Talent Development at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam and is one of the two scientific supervisors of team sports at NOC*NSF. Among other things, he is concerned with perceptual-motor learning and the search for ‘key indicators’ (such as viewing behavior, game insight) for talent identification and development.

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