Circular Turf System

The CTS system is RSI SPORTS’s response to more sustainable sports surfaces and desire for hybrid pitches. This Circular Turf System has been designed to be a less demanding in terms of precious resources like water and to enable quick installation or removal of a quality sports field.

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About CTS

CTS combines multiple innovations that reflect RSI SPORTS’s approach towards sustainable and quality sports surfaces. It uses the Base Panel shockpad to provide a field with the adequate conditions for an optimum game experience. The springy characteristics also contribute to a field that is less demanding for the joints and muscles of players and officials.

The Base Panels shock absorbing layer is placed on a special IPD film that is best-known as the protective translucent layer that prevents cars from heating up from excessive sunlight during summer. In the RSI SPORTS CTS systems this film prevents loss of heat contained in the subbase. Hybrid turf fields benefit because a warm subbase stimulates the growth of the root zone and the development of the grass surface

RSI SPORTS can provide a CTS field with a hybrid of full artificial turf surface.

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Circular Turf System
Circular Turf System

Faster and better subbases

A Base Panel shock absorbing layer on top of an IPD film prevents the need for excessive groundworks prior to installing a quality synthetic turf or hybrid sports field.

Where usually the top 50 cm of soil is replaced by special drainage sand to prevent the subbase from freezing up in the winter, an RSI SPORTS CTS field requires the working of only the top 5 cm of the surface. This speeds up the entire installation process and reduces the number of trucks to and from the site from several hundred to only a few. This reduction will help to achieve significant CO2 savings and improve the overall safety on-site and in the neighboring areas.

It also makes the installation process less dependent on the availability of bulk materials that have to be shipped in from afar. With adequate planning, an RSI SPORTS CTS field can be installed in a matter of days. As the construction of this concept is less dependent on good weather conditions, it can even be installed during the football or rugby season.

By the time the RSI SPORTS Circular Turf System has come to the end of its economic life-span, all that is required is to replace the artificial turf carpet or top grass layer to continue benefiting from a quality and lasting sports surface.

Frequently asked questions CTS

What about World Rugby Testing with panels and 60 mm Turf?

The Modulik System with a 60 mm turf meets the requirements for IRB and RFU with respect to HIC values and Sports Performance test. No additional shockpad is required. See enclosed test results.

If not PE what can you tell us about the monomer system and skinfriendliness?

The Re-use system based on the new monomer is going through extensive developments and testing in 2020. Skinfriendliness one of the major criteria we take into consideration.

Prices of the Modulik Concept with Pindot technology turf?

The system is very competitive depending on the basis of comparison. Please email us at for an offer to your location.

In terms of recycling what is the quality of PE/PP products?

PE & PP are degenerative materials. That means their atomic structure changes over use, which thus means they cannot be used in the same application, without serious chemical treatment. The applications currently being picnic benches, boarding systems, dyke reinforcement.

With the base system what is the required soil stability / bearing capacity?

We generally take the same requirements as for a regular crushedstone base.In general we use 5 cmof crushed stone 0-6mmor 10 cm of stable sand as an underlay. With an impermeable layer on top making sure the layer underneath does not get wet. That is the key. Looking at local ground condition is always a requirement. Ground water level are in a large number of cases not an issue.

The panel base build is lightweight and there for can be used in construction sites where additional weight can be affecting the grounds weight balance and have unwanted settlements after 2-3-4 years

Can we use LDPE sheets instead of PVB?

The prime function of the PVB is not to let water through to the base. Non permeable geotextiles can also be used but have a lower recycle-reuse element. Hence the PVB.

What is the material of the ASM model pitches?

The ASM is a movement philosophy. Which has multiple ways of expression. Indoor with PU and tiles outdoor with artificial turf and more. The webinar next week will explain more.

Does the Modulik system have enough water draining and storage capacity?

There are three elements in this question. Water flow,water storage capacity inside the pitch and water storage . Enclosed the water flow capacity which can handle storms. The water storage capacity differs per location. Malaysia / UK being different then Spain. The water storage capacity can be managed by the lay out of the hydrorock / drainage your pitch.

Small pitches in UK conditions can have a single slope and drainage on one side.

Enclosed an example of Panel Based System set up.

In full sized pitches we can imagine 2 perimeter drains and in Malaysia we can imagine the pitch to have 4 hydrorock drains. 2 in the pitch and 2 in the perimeter.

A calculation that needs to be done always.

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