EHTV + Eco System

RSI SPORTS Digital Solutions hand clubs and league organisers the tools and knowledge to strengthen the relationship with both fans and sponsors and to maximize revenue and players. RSI SPORTS offers different digital technologies to either help produce and enhance TV feeds, improve players and the game or to reduce their injury rate. Collectively, they help produce TV footage highlights and clips that can be used by broadcasters, OTT Platforms and Social Media covering major championships.

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EHTV + Eco System
EHTV + Eco System


The RSI SPORTS livestream technology uses high-quality dynamic cameras to capture all the activities. Thanks to our software partnership with TeamTV, the feed can be streamed on various platforms automatically and simultaneously.

The RSI SPORTS Digital Solutions concept requires a minimum of two cameras, each covering the entire field and having a specific purpose, to deliver. However, the technology is scalable to five cameras to improve the broadcast. The cameras are fitted in tamperproof housings and at a height of up to 10 meters, next to the field. They transmit their feed through a cable connection or by means of 4G or 5G WiFi technology.


The technology doesn’t require cameramen or editors but automatically delivers a feed. It uses pre-set parameters and artificial intelligence to establish what is happening and to determine the camera sequence in which it will capture the action. The timestamp of the feed is automatically synchronised with the technology that can be used for collecting data to enrich the feed. This can include heatmaps or game or player statistics. Commercial messages, replays other overlays can automatically be added, based on the settings submitted.

EHTV + Eco System
EHTV + Eco System


RSI SPORTS Digital Solutions are low-entry solutions for clubs and leagues with high ambitions. They help entice the viewership and foster better relationships with fans and sponsors. Fans not able to attend a game at the venue can now still view the action, if requested at a time that is more convenient. Sponsors will be handed another platform to deliver their message and to engage with the viewership.


The technology is particularly interesting for sports or events with an established following but that are not powerful enough to compete with games or events that have established broadcasting contracts. The technology allows smaller sports, or local or regional events like tournaments, to engage and to strengthen the relationship with their sponsors or fans. The software has been developed with ease-of-use and maximum ROI in mind, hence it places the quality and diversity of the feed first.

EHTV + Eco System

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