RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept

About H5s

  1. H5s is a very fast and skilful hockey format;
  2. It is increasingly being adopted by nations in search of a short format of hockey;
  3. The guiding philosophy of Hockey5s is its adaptability for grassroots development;
  4. H5s is designed to be adaptable to the available facilities and for players of all ages and abilities;
  5. It is an ideal introduction to the sport, enables core skills to develop and is a game to be enjoyed in more informal surroundings.

(source: The International Hockey Federation)

RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept

RSI SPORTS approach to building H5s pitches fast and economical

Innovation in base design: RSI Turf Panels

  • Player comfort, impact attenuation and field drainage all delivered in a single product;
  • Delivers in accordance with FIH-requirements for comfort and drainage;
  • Made from reclaimed plastic, lasts for at least 50 years and can be reused multiple times;
  • Doesn’t require an extensively engineered subbase;
  • Hands the field the smallest CO2 footprint possible.

Innovation in base design: RSI Turf Panels
Recyclable Artificial Turf: RSI Grass2Grass

Recyclable Artificial Turf: RSI Grass2Grass

  • Made of polyester, a material that can be reused for the same product multiple times;
  • As yarn, backing and glue are all made of the same polymer family, the entire carpet can be recycled and reused for another artificial turf surface;
  • Meets all FIH criteria for playing hockey as well as delivering drainage and comfort;
  • Available in multiple colours;
  • Capable of handling excessive foot fall and use.

H5s boarding: FIKA Gear

  • Available in a mobile as well as a permanent version;
  • The first to be FIH approved;
  • Easy to install and safe for use;
  • Available as a rental or for purchase;
  • Custom-made transport trolley available.




H5s boarding: FIKA Gear
H5s Pitch

H5s Pitch

Introduce a full pitch H5s concept based on:

  • Sanddressed artificial turf in PET (fully recyclable) or PE
  • Base panel (fully recyclable)
  • FIH approved FIKAGEAR H5s boarding (fully recyclable)
  • H5s goals


European Hockey FederationGerman Hockey Federation


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