Stadium Concepts

The RSI SPORTS stadium pitch concept answers to all deliverables required for a quality field in a stadium. Stadium owners and field managers willing to adopt our ‘outside-the-box’ thinking and technology will see an ROI that goes beyond their bottom-line revenue. 

The RSI SPORTS product portfolio contains various products and solutions that individually contribute to a multi-purpose stadium field and collectively assist the grass pitch to recuperate and handle increased usage. 

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Stadium Concepts

Natural Turf Field

A mineral wool layer and a heating system provide a firm base to the field. The mineral wool absorbs excess water and releases moisture when needed. The combination of moisture and heat in the subbase  guarantee optimum growing conditions for the rootzone of the turf.

The turf is a special grass blend that has specifically been mixed for a grass field in a stadium. It is supported by artificial turf fibers to contribute to the durability of the field. As the grass is sowed in on-site, the artificial turf support fibers are firmly anchored by the grass root system. 

Stadium Concepts
Stadium Concepts

Easy to Convert Into a Multi-venue

The RSI portfolio contains various solutions to provide protect against, or reduce the impact from the weather as well as extensive usage.

Special sun and shade cloths protect the grass from heat or the impact of UV radiation. The cloths can also be used to reduce heat loss in times when outdoor temperatures drop to close to freezing.

RSI also offers solutions that enable venue operators to convert the field into a multi-purpose arena. Special, easy to install, protective panels for the grass field allow the stadium to be turned into a concert or events venue. The panels protect the grass and provide crowds and stages with a strong and stable surface. 

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Automated Recuperation

RSI LED technologies provide automated recuperation and grass care to the field. The RSI UVC lighting for grass disease control is an environmental friendly solution. It uses a typical color green light that frustrates the settling and growing of a disease.

The RSI LED Grass Grow Lighting system beams a red and blue spectrum. This color combination, beamed by the specially designed LED luminaires, helps the grass to develop and improve its root system or grow firm and healthy grass blades that contribute to the game.

The automated system is available as a unit that can easily be rolled on and off the field. RSI engineers have also developed a construction that can be integrated and become part and parcel of a stadium’s technical system.

In addition to the LED field lighting system that stimulates the grass directly, the trusses can also be fitted with irrigation technology or technology to sprinkle liquid fertilizers or radiate supportive heat to the field.

The technology is supported by an array of sensors that are installed in the top layer of the surface. These grass monitoring sensors provide various sets of data to the field monitoring system. This system can be monitored and controlled by means of an app, allowing the field manager to continue focussing on planning an event or fine-tuning the condition of the stadium field. 

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