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The RSI SPORTS modular padel court makes it possible to erect a padel court within hours and in virtually every area or arena. The cage, netting and flooring are easy to install and to dismantle and comply with all quality and safety requirements.

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Modular approach

A simple click system and strengthening support legs allow an RSI SPORTS modular padel court to be erected within 4 hours. The court unique design means that you do not have to anchor the court and therefore will avoid heavy as well as costly ground construction.

Thanks to the modular approach, there are no major groundwork activities and you can easily move the court if needed. The padel cage comes finished with polycarbonate instead of glass walls and is finished with RSI SPORTS sports panel outdoor surface. RSI SPORTS sports panel multipurpose tiles can be used for a variety of sports. They are finished with a special coating that delivers the grip and anti-bacterial protection needed.

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Padel is the fastest-growing racquet sport in the world and appeals to both experienced and novice players, and players in all age categories. It combines tennis, squash and badminton, and can be played in doubles or single. The RSI SPORTS padel solution is a useful addition to schools, tennis arenas , hockey arenas other locations such as camping grounds and event firms.

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