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RHENAC SPORTS LED, part of RHENAC GreenTec AG, puts fully automatic CLS - LED turf lighting system into operation at Schalke O4

In modern football stadiums, the regular supply of additional light is indispensable for maintaining the quality of the pitch. A perfect pitch not only minimises the risk of injury, but also influences playing characteristics such as ball speed, jump height and player stability. In order to optimise the care of the turf, RHENAC GreenTec AG has therefore developed the CLS (Complete Light Spectrum) light technology and elaborated it in the fully automatic R-BL-1750 stadium turf lighting system, which has now been put into operation at FC Schalke 04's VELTINS Arena after a two-year project period. The R-BL-1750 can provide the football turf with contactless CLS-LED lighting for grass growth throughout the year. If required, irrigation and nutrient supply systems can also be added.

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RSI Sports Starts Partnership With KAA Gent

Belgian football club KAA Gent has embraced RSI technology to maintain its position as the most innovative sports venue in the Belgian football league. The club will receive a 3rd generation hybrid field and are scheduling to implement the cutting edge LED based grass grow technology and the UVC equipment to support and maintain all its fields pesticide free.

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The Disc of 10!: the Practical Implementation of Broad Motor Development and Versatile Movement

Learning how to exercise correctly is important for everyone’s health, wellbeing and fitness. It is the basis for a sporty life both recreationally and professionally. Having fun an important motivation to exercise for any age category. This is partly achieved by offering diversity in challenging and versatile exercises.

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RSI and ASC Join Forces to Make the National Sports Agreement Become a Reality

RSI SPORTS and Athletic Skills Company will together stimulate the sports and games experience and participation in the Netherlands. With their Athletic Skills Model (ASM), Athletic Skills Company has a unique concept for which RSI SPORTS will provide the infrastructure.

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Special Olympics Belgium builds the “Special Olympics Courts of Dreams”

Special Olympics Belgium (SOB), the Olympic organization for people with intellectual disabilities, wants to continue supporting their athletes now that physical activities are not possible because of Covid-19. That is why the Olympic organization launches, next to their digital sports program Special9, the "Special Olympics Courts of Dreams".

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EHTV+ the ground-breaking ecosystem for club hockey in Europe

The European Hockey Federation in conjunction with our stakeholder partners RSI SPORTS and Scorrd is delighted to launch EHTV+.

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Mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector in use on sports surfaces

The mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector has been used for years to prevent the development of algae, fungi and other lawn diseases on sports turf. The system is working with UVC light, which is fundamentally suitable for combating viruses and bacteria and has similarly been used successfully for a long time for disinfecting surfaces and objects in hospitals.

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New Sports and Play Facility Answers the Local Sports Covenant

Interest in applications of the new Athletic Skills Model (ASM) is increasing. Many councils already have a local sports covenant which calls for sport and exercise facilities. In response to this call, the new compact sports- and play facility called PLAYCE was designed for use at clubs, sports facilities, school yards or public spaces.

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PLAYCE: the Latest Sports and Play Facility Using the Athletic Skills Model

Wormhoudt: ‘Sports have many more similarities than differences’ The PLAYCE, the latest sports and play facility to use the Athletic Skills Model (ASM) for clubs, sports facilities, schoolyards and public places was launched during the Sportaccommodaties show in Houten on Thursday 5 March.

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RSI SPORTS and ASC join forces to make the National Sports Agreement become a reality

RSI SPORTS and Athletic Skills Company will together stimulate the sports and games experience and participation in the Netherlands.

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