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Padel Courts the clever way >>

RSI SPORTS has launched its Instantpadel court, an easy to install and low maintenance mobile padel court that can temporarily be installed on any surface. Instantpadel courts enables clubs, municipalities, schools and event organisers to temporarily introduce the fastest growing racket sport to their members, visitors or society. The structure is CE compliant and uses high-quality finishes. By replacing the glass panels with polycarbonate and the artificial turf surface with RSI SPORTS panels, RSI SPORTS has managed to reduce the weight of the structure and improve the simplicity of the installation. An RSI SPORTS Instantpadel court also doesn’t require any groundworks or subbase.


LED floodlights for hockey >>

Illuminating a hockey field with RSI SPORTS LED technology can save a hockey club approximately 55% to 70% of the energy that is consumed by conventional floodlight technology. The RSI SPORTS LED floodlight technology is also very flexible as the same luminaires used to illuminate a match, in accordance with the highest standard, can be dimmed to also illuminate a training session adequately.

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