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RSI Mobile sports facilities >>

RSI has a reputation when it comes to easy-to-build, top-quality sports facilities. RSI mobile courts, sports panels and even artificial turf systems have all been designed to facilitate quick installation of a facility that meets the highest standards for sports. Most designs follow the no-dig philosophy, something that is possible due to the multipurpose role of key elements.

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Mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector in use on sports surfaces >>

The mobile RHENAC UVC 600 lawn disinfector has been used for years to prevent the development of algae, fungi and other lawn diseases on sports turf. The system is working with UVC light, which is fundamentally suitable for combating viruses and bacteria and has similarly been used successfully for a long time for disinfecting surfaces and objects in hospitals.

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RSI launches webinars >>

RSI has decided to move to webinars as a way of sharing information with the industry during the Coronavirus crisis. The webinars are scheduled for every Tuesday and will last for 40 min. View different topics and register here:


RSI at the Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties >>

RSI Sports showcased the Athletic Skills Model (ASM) during the Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties in the Netherlands. The event took place on 5 March at the Expo in Houten, near Utrecht in the Nether…


All systems ‘go’ for GO School Ghent >>

GO School Ghent asked RSI Partner Debra Bouw to redesign the small open space that learners used to access the bicycle shed and play sports during their breaks. After consultation with RSI, they insta…

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