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All systems ‘go’ for GO School Ghent

GO School Ghent asked RSI Partner Debra Bouw to redesign the small open space that learners used to access the bicycle shed and play sports during their breaks. After consultation with RSI, they installed a non-filled mini-pitch on top of the RSI Base Panel drainage and attenuation layer.

The school is situated in the city center of Ghent, one of Belgium’s most bustling cities, where high property prices forces owners to make the best out of their investment. For that reason GO School Ghent felt obliged to focus on the quality of its academic facilities. The small open space available to them was tarred to grant learners easy access to the bicycle shed, as well as to reduce maintenance efforts of the space.

RSI proposed a solution that would convert the space into something that would still serve the convenience purpose as well as keeping it a space where learners could safely play. Using the RSI Base Panel no-dig subbase allowed Debra Bouw to convert the space into a football cage.

Base Panel subbase

Thanks to a level surface, all Debra Bouw had to do was install the RSI Base Panel shockpad and drainage layer before completing the field with a non-filled artificial turf layer. RSI Base Panels provide the impact attenuation that delivers the safety to children playing. The panels also allow for horizontal drainage of excess water, meaning the field doesn’t require a drainage layer. Providing the surface is level, the RSI Base Panels allow for immediate construction of the top-layer. Instead of using sand and infill as is commonly used in artificial turf surfaces, the field was finished with an RSI non-filled artificial turf top-layer. This is to avoid the sand or infill that could make a mess of the school’s facilities. Small hooks in each Base Panel for compensate the absence of weight to keep the carpet in place. The carpet is now firmly hooked to its subbase in many different locations. 

RSI non-filled artificial turf is made from high-quality yarn that can handle all footfall including from people wearing flat shoes. Furthermore, by tufting the carpet very dense, cyclists crossing the field on their way to or from the bicycle shed are also accommodated. The high stitch rate prevents the small bicycle tires from sinking in the field. A high fence with noise reduction measures ensures that the ball never leaves the space accidentally. 

Always believe in innovation

The motto of GO School Ghent is to ‘always believe in innovation’. The school’s website clearly states that ‘how we teach is equally important as to what we teach. Moreover, we want learners to be comfortable at school because, naturally, they spend a lot of time here’. That is why it is no surprise that they embraced the innovative RSI solutions to further add value to their investment in their property and their learners.

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