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First Rhenac Sports LED grass grow technology delivered in the southern hemisphere

The Santiago del Estero stadium in Argentina is the first stadium in the southern hemisphere to embrace the Rhenac Sports LED grass grow technology. The climate in Argentina’s ‘Mother-city’ warrants the use of the latest technology to maintain a field that is fit for this newly built state-of-the-art venue.

Santiago del Estero has a climate that is best described as ‘subtropical.’ It has cool dry winters and wet humid summers. The average annual precipitation is estimated to be 600 mm while the climate is warm. “These conditions are very demanding and make it difficult for the greenkeeper to deliver the high-quality surface elite football players are expecting these days,” says Arnoud Fiolet of RSI SPORTS, the exclusive agent for the Rhenac GreenTec AG technology.

The 29,000-seat stadium was purpose built for hosting games for 2021 Copa America and is also destined to host games if Argentina wins the rights to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup. It boasts fully covered grandstands, VIP sections, and restaurant spaces, as well as a museum.

The R-ML 30 and R-ML 200 units hand the greenkeeper the flexibility to care in particular for those sections of the field that can do with extra support while recuperating. “The units can quickly be positioned. Furthermore, the LED technology has the advantage that it doesn’t produce as much heat as what is witnessed when using HPS technology to supplement light to the surface. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the grass getting burned by the technology.”

Stadium management will use the technology to supplement light in areas where shading because of the covered stands, prevents the grass from receiving sufficient light and UV. “Rhenac GreenTec AG LED grass grow technology covers the complete light spectrum, which will allow stadium management to exactly supplement the light colour and light intensity the grass needs.”

Rhenac Sports LED has redefined Perfect in Perfect Pitch Management at Santiago del Estero stadium in Argentina.

Refer o the match between Argentina and Chile on the quality of the pitch here:

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