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Garden upgrade made easy

Upgrading gardens and open spaces in difficult to access areas has become much easier with the use of RSI SPORTS Turf Panels. The panels deliver comfort and drainage capacities to artificial grass surfaces while doing away with the need for ground works. They also overcome logistical challenges.

RSI SPORTS Turf Panels are made of recycled plastic and have been specifically designed to facilitate the lateral drainage of water as well as to deliver comfort and safety to artificial grass surfaces.

Each panel measures 1m x 1m and easily connects to the next panel. Installation of the panels goes according to the click-and-play principle and doesn’t require any experience or equipment.

The dimensions of the panels and the absence of the need for heavy-duty equipment or logistical challenges facilitate the upgrade of any space, no matter how challenging its location.

Once installed, RSI SPORTS Turf Panels will last much longer than any artificial grass surface. They are also 100% recyclable.

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