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Infill Protection Boarding

The affordable and printable RSI SPORTS infill migration preventing barrier provides clubs and municipalities with an easy to install and commercially attractive solution to become compliant in terms of upcoming EU legislation. As we speak, the European Union is considering making the use of these measures compulsory to prevent environmental pollution from microplastics leaving the artificial turf field perimeter.

Prevents microplastic pollution

The lightweight boarding sits flush on the surface as it is finished with a rubber strip. This strip seals any gaps around the field, making it impossible for the particles to get outside the field perimeter.


The boards can be digitally printed, thereby granting sponsors another opportunity to state their commercial message, or clubs and municipalities to acknowledge support they received.

Easy to install

Each board measures three metres by 20 centimetres and is made of lightweight material. This allows a quick and easy installation without the need for special tools or skills. The dimensions allow for easy transportation as well as being effective in preventing microplastic migration.

For every artificial turf

While the proposed legislation currently only considers the prevention of polymeric infill of third-generation artificial turf fields leaving the field, it will only be a matter of time before yarn wear from artificial turf fields will be viewed as problematic. A European study group has already started collecting information to establish how problematic yarn wear from artificial turf fields can be. Therefore, it is advised to install every artificial turf with measures like this, no matter the purpose of the field.

Affordable solution

As RSI SPORTS recognises the financial implications for field owners when every artificial turf field is expected to be fitted with an anti-migration solution, all effort has been made to introduce an affordable solution. Making these boards commercially viable, will help field owners in further reducing the investment cost.

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