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INSTANTPADEL offers flexible diversity

Not only does a mobile and easy to install INSTANTPADEL court enable clubs to generate a new revenue stream by offering something different, it also offers players a new way to develop skills and improve their game.

Padel is the fastest growing sport internationally and RSI SPORTS has managed to develop a padel court that is mobile, easy to assemble and that can be placed temporarily any surface. It takes unskilled laborers only six to eight hours to install the lightweight and innovative facility and it doesn’t leave any damage to the floor or the surroundings.

INSTANTPADEL uses lightweight polycarbonate panels that deliver the same experience as glass does for conventional courts. The galvanised steel structure is kept in place through a simple click system and the whole design and structure are CE-approved. The surface is made up of VersaCourt tiles, a mobile outdoor and indoor sports flooring solution that has been approved by the international padel governing bodies.

New revenue stream

An INSTANTPADEL offers people a whole new game experience and can attract a different group of people to your facility which can result in a membership increase as well as more turnover in the food and beverage sales.

The courts can be delivered in any color combination of your liking. This will make it possible to match the colors of your club or municipality as well as to acknowledge a sponsor. Clubs, municipalities or sponsors with a limited budget can consider renting an INSTANTPADEL facility instead of buying it.

A new form of training

INSTANTPADEL can turn an open spot at your complex into a money-making facility that can also attract more members. Moreover, playing padel will offer players a different way of improving eye-ball coordination as well as their collaboration skills in small spaces. With padel being the fastest growing sports internationally and played by people of all ages, an RSI SPORTS INSTANTPADEL facility at your complex will certainly help stimulate your club and players.

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