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LED floodlights for hockey

Illuminating a hockey field with RSI SPORTS LED technology can save a hockey club approximately 55% to 70% of the energy that is consumed by conventional floodlight technology. The RSI SPORTS LED floodlight technology is also very flexible as the same luminaires used to illuminate a match, in accordance with the highest standard, can be dimmed to also illuminate a training session adequately.

LED luminaires can produce light according to various pre-programmed settings. RSI SPORTS programs the controls of the luminaires in accordance with a club’s need. The ability to deliver a lower light intensity to illuminate a training session, as well as match quality illumination with the same luminaire, is standard. However, clubs can also ask RSI SPORTS to pre-program additional programs, like illuminating only a section of the field or illuminating a field at a different intensity.

The RSI SPORTS LED floodlight portfolio contains LED floodlights from all established international producers of LED floodlight technology for sports. As such, the luminaires have been designed, and have proven to be capable of delivering illumination in accordance with the quality prescribed by the relevant sports governing body.

Fewer luminaires required

Thanks to the illumination quality, the even spread and light intensity these LED luminaires deliver the ball is easier to follow for players, officials and spectators which will contribute to the quality and safety of the game. The quality of light produced by these luminaires often also means that fewer LED luminaires are required when replacing conventional illumination technology for a hockey field. As most LED luminaires in the RSI SPORTS portfolio have similar dimensions and weight compared to the conventional luminaires, it is possible to replace the old illumination technology with RSI SPORTS LED technology while maintaining the existing infrastructure.

Limited maintenance

All LED luminaires have been fitted with the latest driver and controls technology. RSI SPORTS offers clubs the option of having the driver installed with the luminaire or at the bottom of the light post. The position of the driver impacts the need for additional cabling or the ease with which it can be replaced, in case they have to be updated or experience a technical issue.

All luminaires have been over-engineered, meaning that they will continue to deliver the required light quality until the very last moment. Where conventional floodlights will experience light-depreciation over the years, the RSI SPORTS LED floodlights will always deliver. Replacing the

conventional floodlights for your hockey field by RSI SPORTS technology will prepare your club and teams for the future.

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