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RHENAC SPORTS LED Summit on CLS technology

RHENAC SPORTS LED will host a summit at Schalke 04 Veltins Arena to introduce ‘CLS – Complete Light Spectrum technology to the wider public. RHENAC SPORTS LED’s ability to copy the sunlight to grow grass makes it possible to improve stadium fields with pinpoint accuracy.

The event will take place on 27 April at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen (Germany). It is open to anybody interested in the latest technology to support or grow grass in challenging environments. In addition to attending the event live, RHENAC SPORTS LED will also stream it over the internet.

Veltins Arena is the first venue that uses the R-BL-1750, a full-sized structure that provides supportive light, irrigation and liquid fertilizer to the field. The fully automated system was tested for two years before it was put into operation.

RHENAC SPORTS LED technology has the big advantage that Rhenac has a full understanding of what spectrum has what effect on grass growth and as such can deliver correct spectrum to what the pitch needs. Thus enabling turf managers to be variable in their approach to their pitch since those pitch conditions are different in various parts of the pitch as well.

As the only one in the industry Rhenac performed and a fully scientifical study with the University of Munich, RHENAC SPORTS LED studied grass in-depth to establish what kind of light, light colour and light intensity grass needs during the various stages of life, as well as when it is in good condition or going through a recuperation period. The study results were translated to the variable technical settings for the RHENAC SPORTS LED grass grow units.

Apart from the R-BL-1750, RHENAC SPORTS LED also offers the R-ML 30, R-ML 100 and R-ML 200 units that can support sections of the field. RHENAC SPORTS LED also offers UV-C units that keep grass pitches free from diseases.

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