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RSI and ASC join forces to make the National Sports Agreement become a reality

RSI Sports (RSI) and Athletic Skills Company will together stimulate the sports and games experience and participation in the Netherlands. With their Athletic Skills Model (ASM), Athletic Skills Company has a unique concept for which RSI will provide the infrastructure.

The ASM is a practical and science-based talent development model for top-level sport, recreational sport and unorganized sport. Physical education and health care also benefit from the ASM devised by René Wormhoudt (fitness trainer of the Dutch national team, KNVB) and Prof. dr. dr. Geert Savelsbergh who is a professor at the Movement Sciences department of the VU Amsterdam.

The ASM teaches everyone as many different basic skills in sports, game forms, practice forms and activities as possible, which leads to better performance, fewer injuries, more creativity and more pleasure in sports and exercise. It is suitable for people who actively want to work out but also for people who want to remain healthy.

The ASM aims to challenge everyone to exercise in a relaxed manner without the need to travel far or spend much money. It trains the entire body. RSI has the knowledge and skills to create a safe and low-maintenance environment where athletes can go to perform these exercises and activities,” says Bart van den Acker on behalf of RSI.

RSI and ASC have worked out several concepts for training and exercising facilities where everyone can work on their health or improve their motor skills. “We have translated the Athletic Skills Track as used by Ajax F.C. into a more affordable and accessible solution that appeals to people of all ages and health conditions. Our concepts can be realized at any club, school, health institution or in the neighborhood."

The dimensions of the practice fields are adjusted to the available space. All fields will be equipped with RSI's unique Base Panel fall protection and are finished with an artificial turf or Sports Panel hard court top layer. Different color markings are used to indicate the various practice forms. "If necessary, we can also add a climbing wall, stairs or slope to train certain muscle groups," says Van den Acker.

The Athletic Skills Tracks and Athletic Skills Gardens that RSI and ASC will market seamlessly meet the wishes of the government to achieve a healthy and vital society.

Thanks to their cooperation, RSI and ASC now offer a complete solution to answer the goals the Dutch government drafted in their National Sports Agreement in 2018.

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