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RSI to assist EHF to advance hockey

RSI Sports welcomes the agreement to partner with the European Hockey Federation to advance the development of hockey in Europe. 

RSI’s extensive portfolio of innovative and sustainable solutions was a key reason for the EHF to partner with RSI. ‘Most European hockey associations are experiencing a growing membership. At the same time, the increasing exposure the game receives means a desire to enhance or improve club facilities. As the goals that RSI have are very much aligned with the ones the EHF pursues, their reliable, sustainable and innovative solutions will certainly make a difference,’ says Jokko de Wit, who manages the partnerships for the European Hockey Federation.

RSI Skillparks, airdomes and artificial turf hockey surfaces are increasingly becoming a common sighting at hockey clubs that strive to become year-round facilities and that place player-development and experience as their cornerstones.

A Skillpark is an easy-to-use, small-sized field that has obstacles tufted into the carpet. Tutorials on the boarding that surround the field are self-explanatory. They enable players to practice particular exercises and improve their skills,’ explains Bart van den Acker, Business Unit Hockey for RSI. ‘They are a valuable addition to our artificial turf and sports flooring solutions that, combined with our airdomes, can help clubs to provide more innovative or flexible training sessions as well as temporarily converting their facility into an indoor facility.’

RSI’s innovative and sustainable solutions are not limited to just infrastructure. ‘We also organize activation events for clubs that have invested in a Skillpark. International or top players will come and explain how players will benefit from the various exercises in a Skillpark. Clubs in need of assistance to further groom their players can also benefit from our video equipment as well as our tagging service. As we constantly search for and test new innovations, we have managed to overcome existing barriers and have developed more affordable solutions. These technologies are now available to every club.’

The same approach applies to the balls, kits and hockey sticks that RSI offers.

The agreement will see that the EHF will make some RSI products part and parcel of its development of the game. ‘RSI solutions will be used for at least five events in the coming year already,’ Jokko de Wit announces. As all events will be streamed live, RSI will soon be a household name to everybody enjoying hockey.

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