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RSI Mobile sports facilities

Momentum is building until restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic are lifted. It will come as more than a relief to the millions of people that were forced to remain indoors and be inactive for weeks. Are you ready to cope with the influx of people eager to exercise, socialize or play sports again?

RSI has a reputation when it comes to easy-to-build, top-quality sports facilities. RSI mobile courts, sports panels and even artificial turf systems have all been designed to facilitate quick installation of a facility that meets the highest standards for sports. Most designs follow the no-dig philosophy, something that is possible due to the multipurpose role of key elements.

Both our Base Panels and Sports Panels provide the required drainage and impact attenuation. They do away with the need to do extensive groundworks to prepare a subbase as both systems can be installed on any flat surface. If you want to accommodate the desire to exercise or provide an opportunity to shed some sweat and energy, RSI Base Panels and Sports Panels literally allow you to convert a parking lot or central square into a multipurpose sports facility.

Fully kitted

RSI mobile facilities come fully kitted. Over and above the artificial turf or hardcourt floor you prefer, they arrive with markings for various sports, fencing, goals, baskets and netting. Assembling the structure is a matter of hours and does not require special skills or equipment. These courts can be supplied in any color combination that can reflect the corporate identity of a sponsor, club or municipality. They also serve as a perfect exercise facility in the gardens of private properties; in the past few months RSI has installed numerous courts and playgrounds at private properties. The restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus crisis have hardly posed any limitations for this group of people. By the time restrictions are lifted, their shape and skills will be in perfect condition.

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