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RSI-Rhenac UV-C Demo Day at FC Cologne

As the RSI UV-C grass care unit can treat a full-size football field within 30 minutes, delegates attending the RSI workshop on UV-C in Cologne last week, had ample time to list to the presentations and to consider acquiring a unit.

The RSI UV-C unit protects grass surfaces from algae, fungi and similar diseases. It uses light to kill what is present and frustrates the growth of new offspring, making it the perfect ecofriendly alternative to the use of chemicals. 

During the day, the grounds care team of 1st F.C. Köln reconfirmed that they had witnessed a 95% success rate within weeks. This allowed them to continue maintaining the field in pristine condition ever since.

One delegate was quick to point out that it will only take a few months to achieve an ROI. His municipality still has many natural grass sports fields and they currently struggle to keep them free of algae and diseases. The fast pace with which the RSI UV-C technology treats a field and the high success rate it achieves within weeks certainly makes it viable for his municipality to invest in the technology. 

RSI would like to thank 1st F.C. Köln for their hospitality and all delegates for attending this event. Are interested or would you like to attend an event near you? Please contact us so we can make arrangements.

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