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RSI SPORTS adds Infill Boarding System to its portfolio

Clubs and municipalities must do everything they can to prevent artificial grass from having a negative impact on the environment. RSI SPORTS edging boards are the most effective and affordable solution.

Affordable solution

The RSI SPORTS infill migration boarding is made of the same material as is used for fencing around hockey fields. The material is specifically produced for this purpose, saving clubs and municipalities up to 25% of the cost when fitting a whole football field.

For every environment

The boards come in lengths of 2 to 3 metres and are 20 cm high as standard. A rubber strip at the bottom ensures that every seam and crack under the plank is sealed. Moreover, the boards are easy to handle. They are lightweight and easy to attach. Nevertheless, they are very strong. They are made of the same material as our hockey 5's boarding. It can even withstand a hockey ball travelling at 100 km/h.' 

Printable solution

What makes RSI Sports' toe boards unique is that they can be printed. We can print them with any message and in any colour thereby delivering a club’s marketing team another opportunity to strengthen the relationship with sponsors. This also allows the marketing team to have these panels matching or complementing the advertising board that hang above them.

For every sport

The boards can be used on any type of artificial turf field and artificial grass used for any sports. While environmental pollution caused by migrating infill is limited to sports like football or rugby, environmental pollution from microplastics from yarn wear can happen on any type of field. Installing this boarding is, therefore, advisable on any type of artificial turf field.

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