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RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept and Boarding

RSI SPORTS was founded by hockey professionals involved in the development and provision of infrastructure for hockey. The company has 10 years of experience and is proud to be part of the German hockey family. We benefit from the input of several experienced players. RSI SPORTS has all the knowledge and tools necessary to establish a Hockey5s facility.

Easy to install

Our special mobile and permanent structures for small-sided games can be installed quickly. They have the advantage that they don’t require traditional groundworks to prepare a subbase. RSI SPORTS structures for small-sided games can be built on existing sports surfaces, in car parks or any other flat and stable surface. The field is typically built on RSI’s unique Base Panel. These shock-absorbing panels also act as a draining system that allows for draining water laterally.

Artificial turf or Sports Panel surface

RSI SPORTS small-sided fields can be delivered with an artificial turf surface or Sports Panel tiles. Both surfaces can be used for both the indoor- and outdoor versions of the game. They have both specifically been designed to accommodate high-intensity games. The artificial turf carpet is made from durable and high-quality yarns that have been meticulously fixed to the backing. The outdoor Sports Panels have been finished with a special anti-slip coating that is also beneficial when other sports are being played. Apart from the markings for Hockey5s, RSI SPORTS can also add markings for other games to the surface.

All items included

Every RSI SPORTS small-sided game facility is completed with goals, fencing and boarding. The three different Hockey5s boards RSI SPORTS offers answer the need of any club in any league or competition. The FIH approved Class 1 and Class 2 boards are produced from recycled and lightweight plastic hardboard with a rubber finish from recycled PE on top to protect players. All boards are 2 m in length. Height off 25 cm, with the depth set at 30 cm for the FIH approved boarding.

The boards can be finished with branding to acknowledge sponsors or partners or to promote the club, game or tournament. Upon request, we can even install energy-saving floodlight technology to facilitate using the facility during winter or evenings.

  • RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept and Boarding
  • RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept and Boarding
  • RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept and Boarding

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