News > We are proud to have build our next Field Hockey air dome in the highly demanding Dutch market.

Read the article "We are proud to have build our next Field Hockey air dome in the highly demanding Dutch market." from RSI


We are proud to have build our next Field Hockey air dome in the highly demanding Dutch market.

The number of youth members of V.M.H.C. Basko field hockey club has been growing rapidly. Lacking an indoor facility, they had to travel to various distant locations during their less convenient period of the day. This took time, energy and generated costs. To solve the problem, club started searching for a better and more sustainable solution.

Recreational Sports International DUOL dome proved to be the best option; after all, our numerous field hockey references in the Netherlands played the important part.

Marcel Neggers, a club board member, said “At HOD in Valkenswaard they have been using a DUOL field hockey dome for several years now. We have visited the air dome and received the necessary information. The plans were then submitted for the new air dome and it took almost no time to provide Veldhoven with their new sports hall that is inflatable and can be dismantled after winter.

Building our new field hockey air dome for Basko hockey club. The new air dome is 57 meters long, 45 meters wide, and 11 meters high. The Air dome covers two indoor hockey fields, a grandstand between the fields, and a catering corner.

Air dome will be fully booked, generating positive revenue for the club

Air dome has already started getting the attention of nearby sports clubs. Football clubs Marvilde and Rood-Wit Veldhoven will rent the dome and hold their futsal tournament. Hockey club Oranje-Rood from Eindhoven will train their youth there also. 

Our air domes are modular & environmentally friendly!

With our ground-anchoring system, there is no need for a concrete foundation around the air dome. By using ground anchors, the air dome is anchored directly into the ground with minimal ground disruption.

In Veldhoven 144 ground anchors with an average length of two meters were driven into the ground under an artificial grass, creating minimal above-ground disruption. With modular sports flooring and modular design of the dome, it will take only a few days to disable this seasonal air dome, leaving no traces above the ground. After the winter, they will store the dome in two sea containers.

Our air dome solutions are a perfect fit for all kinds of sports.

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent ultra-modern sports hall that is perfect for field hockey, indoor football, hockey, tennis, handball, basketball, inline hockey, roller skating and other sports? Then our modular Air domes are the right choice. Regardless of the specifics or level at which the sport is played. Inside or outside. In hot summers and harsh winters. Thanks to the combination of our proven technology, our sports hall distinguishes itself through quality, comfort and playing experience.



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