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RSI SPORTS facilities PE in central London >>

With the help of RSI Turf Panels, multi-game sports facilities have been installed on the roofs of schools. RSI Turf Panels facilitate the installation of any artificial grass field on any kind of surface, as all the panels need is a flat surface. The light-weight panels don’t require any groundworks. RSI Turf Panels deliver the required shock absorption and impact attenuation. They also facilitate the lateral drainage of water.


RSI SPORTS Hockey5s Pitch Concept >>

RSI SPORTS has more than10 years of experience and has the knowhow and all the products needed to set up a Hockey5s facility. Our mobile and permanent structures for small-sided games can be installed quickly. They come with the advantage that no traditional earthworks are required to prepare the ground. RSI SPORTS structures for small-sided games can be built over existing sports fields, in car parks or on any other flat and stable surface. The pitch is typically built on RSI SPORTS's unique Turf Panel. These shock absorbing panels also facilitate the horizontal drainage of water.

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INSTANTPADEL offers flexible diversity >>

Padel is the fastest growing sport internationally and RSI SPORTS has managed to develop a padel court that is mobile, easy to assemble and that can be placed temporarily over an existing artificial turf surface. It takes unskilled laborers only six to eight hours to install the lightweight and innovative facility and it doesn’t leave any damage to the floor or the surroundings.

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KRC Genk embraces Rhenac Sports LED CLS grass grow lighting technology >>

The Cegeka Arena, home ground to the Belgium topflight football club KRC Genk, has ordered several Rhenac Sports LED grass grow units to support the recuperation of their football turf. From next season, the grounds management crew will have the latest LED grass grow technology to supplement the natural light to the grass that winter weather fails to deliver.

KRC GENT 4.jpg

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