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Benefit from our skill and experience by handing over the design, construction, maintenance and operation of your golf course to RSI. The various business units of RSI employ and involve a variety of experienced people. This includes golf architects, turf care specialists, equipment suppliers, landscapers and many more who employ their skills at golf courses around Europe.

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Golf Installations

The RSI vision

Golf attracts a wide variety of people but the game is still not considered ‘mainstream’. To achieve that, golf should be played in different manners and in various ways. This sport is the only sport that can be played in a variety of circumstances whilst still posing a challenge to every player.

RSI strongly believes in a five-step approach to providing golf enthusiasts with a continuously changing and challenging experience. One can exist without the other but it is advisable to adopt the integrated approach at any location in the world. Too often, 5-star courses are being built without having the backup of the necessary player-base or excitement amongst the local population.

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5-step approach

That is why RSI developed a 5-step approach for golf associations, golf clubs, golf investors and private people to assist them in (re)considering their investment in golf facilities.

The 5-step approach draws on discussions with the PGAs of Europe, the national golf associations and leading golf experts in the industry. It aims to establish a golf infrastructure that enables amateurs and professionals, players and non-players, the elderly and the young and the abled and disabled to play or experience golf whenever they see fit. The enthusiasm created for the sport will enlarge the scope of the facility.

  1. Putting green and hitting cage
  2. Academy facility
  3. Adventure golf
  4. 3-6-9-hole golf course
  5. 18-hole course

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  • Capable of doing the design, construction, maintenance and operation of golf courses
  • Experience gained all over Europe
  • Solutions available for any type of facility

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