Stadium Grass Grow Lighting


The RSI LED grass grow lights help stadium owners maintaining a green turf. The Rhenac GreenTec LED grass grow technology. The color rendering produced by these LED lighting rigs stimulate germination, the development of premature grass blades and pitch regeneration. Proper grass growth conditions are usually hindered by non-conducive venue design.

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Stadium Grass Grow Lighting
RSI Rhenac

About RSI-Rhenac

Rhenac GreenTec was the first company to recognize the significance of supplementing grass pitches with a balanced combination of blue and red colors. Together with scientists from the Technical University of Munich, Rhenac GreenTec established the exact dose blue or red parts of the visible spectrum. This is the type of light that stimulates photosynthesis for grasses.

They were also the first to succeed in packaging this knowledge in rigs with LED grass grow lighting technology. The highly accurate LED technology used delivers this dose with pinpoint accuracy onto the sections of the field where additional care is needed. The Rhenac GreenTec LED technology has a reduced energy consumption and produces less heat compared to conventional sodium vapor luminaires used in out dated technology.

RSI offers three different units:

  • The R-ML30 is perfectly suited for goal mouth and problem areas of a field
  • The R-ML200 is a mobile unit that covers an entire pitch
  • The R-BL is a fully automated system with data-gathering equipment and sprinklers adding additional value

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Apart from using LED technology to stimulate germination and grass growth, Rhenac GreenTec has also developed a sustainable and environmentally-friendly grass disease control. It treats algae, fungus and diseases commonly experienced in natural grass fields.

The Rhenac GreenTec UV-C produces a specifically defined color green that frustrates the growth of fungus and algae on any surface. The light can also be used as a plant diseases treatment.

The UV-C unit folds out to a width of 6m. It fits on any tractor commonly used by grounds maintenance crews. Thanks to special foam makers, a full-size football field can be treated within 30 to 45 minutes. An adjusted version is available that can be used for golf courses or other areas where slopes occur. Documented data show a 95% reduction of fungus and algae can be achieved when a field is treated two or three times a week.

The Rhenac GreenTec UV-C has proven to be effective on both natural turf and synthetic turf surfaces. Adopting this method allows clubs and venue owners to save on pesticides or the need for special permits.

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RSE-Rhenac's 6m wide LED UV-C lighting


The pitch management system of the future has arrived. The R-BL system powered by the latest LED lighting technology will automaticallychange its light spectrum depending on the ever-changing weather conditions. It is a fully automated system with integrated LED lighting, sprinkling, fertilizing, disease blocking, infra-red lighting and measuring system. Designed for high-end stadiums to cover half (3,500m2) or a complete pitch (7,000m2) without touching the natural turf.

Influence of light explained

All plants require light and CO2 for photosynthesis. Stimulating or adjusting the Daily Light Integral (DLI) can help reducing the rooting time of cuttings and seedlings, and increasing crop quality.

Light is the driving force for photosynthesis, the process that changes sunlight into chemical energy within plants and grasses. During photosynthesis, water is split in a chemical reaction and separated into oxygen and hydrogen. In this process carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted into sugar.

A general rule of thumb is that 1% more light will produce a similar percentage increase in growth, resulting in a 1% higher yield.


  • Speed up germination and recovery
  • More dense, stable and healthy pitch
  • Sustainable solution for maintaining natural grass pitches
  • Easy to use

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