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Air Domes


RSI SPORTS air domes provide players in both hold and cold climate conditions a reliable setting to continue playing sports while being protected from the elements. They also allow clubs to extend the season, thereby generating additional revenue from bar sales and offering member more value for money.

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Air Domes
Air Domes

RSI sports and events domes are air-supported structures that don’t require permanent structures or support. They provide an excellent solution to temporarily or permanently convert one or more tennis courts or sports fields into an indoor facility. All domes fully comply with all known safety standards. They are firmly bolted to the ground by means of special anchors. 

The domes are vandal-proof and fitted with equipment that maintains perfect indoor climate conditions. A specially designed heating system maintains a thermal insulation of 3.05 W/m2K. As the air support requires less pressure to maintain its structure, the air pressure indoors will also be much more comfortable for people.

The translucent fabric or strategically positioned windows allow for maximum daylight usages. Special LED luminaire ensure sufficient lighting for the field or courts.

An air-supported structure is easy to erect and to remove. That is why local governments tend to be much quicker and much more willing to grant temporary permission to erect such a indoor facility.

Apart from covering tennis courts and football pitches or rugby fields, RSI SPORTS air domes are also used to cover pools, miniature golf courses and other small facilities. They have also become the solution of choice for establishing pop-up concert or event venues.

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  • Maximizing the facility by becoming an all year-round indoor facility
  • Increase in turnover at the bar

Quick and easy

Air-supported structures can be erected and removed within one day. RSI SPORTS even offers the service of storage and maintenance of rented out domes during the outdoor season.

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