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Shelter Construction

Shelter Construction

RSI SPORTS shelter solutions are an easy to install, low maintenance and affordable way to expand pavilion capacity. The shelter protects club members and fans from the elements, while allowing the club to respect COVID-19 regulations.

A temporary RSI SPORTS shelter solution is ideal to host more members than the floorspace of the pavilion initially would have allowed to accommodate, due to COVID-19 regulations. The easy to install and to maintain fabric is available in two different shapes: rectangular or round. They can provide from 88 to 320m2 additional floor space under cover to your pavilion, making them ideal to continue accommodating members and fans during the winter period.

The fabric ensures the body heat and heat generated from a heating system within remains in the confined space, thereby contributing to the comfort experienced. This will invite members and fans to spend more time at the club and to enjoy the services rendered at the pavilion.

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Shelter Construction
Shelter Construction

Not Subjected to Restrictions

Erecting the shelters does not require any municipal approval or paperwork. RSI SPORTS delivers these shelters from stock, hence an installation can be realised within days. All structures are either fitted to poles with the centre pole having a height of 6 m, or fixed to existing structures. They have been designed and tested to withstand wind speeds of 8 on the Beaufort scale.


  • Low entry solution to maximise bar revenue
  • Elegant way to expand pavilion floor space, while respecting COVID-19 regulations

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