Pitch Fencing Systems


RSI SPORTS has a set of reliable solutions to protect fields from unauthorized access or use. Our high performance and robust fencing system can withstand heavy treatment from excited fans but they are also visually appealing. Most importantly these durable fences are eco-friendly, long lasting and easy to install.

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Pitch Fencing Systems
About Pitch Fencing Systems


Artificial turf, hybrid fields or natural grass sports surfaces deserve the best care and protection to guarantee their quality and durability. RSI SPORTS offers Reliable, Sustainable and Innovative solutions for uplifting the appeal of your facility and guaranteeing maximum protection.

RSI SPORTS fences are made of PVCu. The posts and rails have a smooth, rounded surface and fixings are concealed. Rusty nails, peeling paint and rotting posts will be a thing of the past as the fence will not warp, split, peel or splinter. PVCu can handle extreme temperatures and won’t lose shape or structural integrity. It also has a very good UV stability and as such the fence will not be affected by the influence of the sun.  

The fence has been designed with special impact modifiers to withstand the pressure of excited fans pushing, hanging or leaning on the fence. The bottom section has been fitted with a mesh to prevent the ball from leaving the field.

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RSI SPORTS uses a special-blend PVC that uses 80% recycled PVC. PVC has the advantage of a lifespan of 100-year but, more importantly, it can be recycled and re-used up to 7 times before the material will start showing deterioration.

Reliability, Sustainability and Innovation are at the core of RSI SPORTS activities. Not only do we supply products and solutions that make a difference in terms of usability, durability and affordability, we also see to it that our products respect the interests of those not involved in the sports industry all our products are sustainable and easy to recycle.


  • Low maintenance
  • Available as permanent, demountable or removable fixtures
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