RSI Sports Hockey5s Boarding System
RSI Sports Hockey5s Boarding System

Hockey5s Boarding

RSI SPORTS Hockey5s boarding is amongst the first FIH approved boarding for the latest version of the game. RSI SPORTS offers both FIH Class 1 boards and FIH Class 2 boards, as well as easy to assemble lightweight boarding for training purposes.

The supplier of FIH approved Hockey 5's Boarding System

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RSI Sports Hockey5s Boarding System
H5s FIKAGEAR Boarding System

About Hockey5s

Hockey5s is the youngest format of the game the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has introduced. It is a faster, more skillful game that is easier to understand for both players and fans, that sees more goals being scored and makes hockey more accessible to a lager public. Hockey5s allows clubs and nations to be more competitive and to be serious contenders, even when they play clubs or nations that have historically dominated the table. In short: Hockey5s is an attractive and rewarding format that appeals to the modern hockey society.

RSI Sports Hockey5s Boarding

The three different Hockey5s boards RSI SPORTS offers answer the need of any club in any league or competition. The FIH approved Class 1 and Class 2 boards are produced from galvanized steel with a rubber finish from recycled PE on top to protect players. RSI SPORTS also offers a lightweight version that has been produced from recycled plastic. All boards are 2 m in length. Height can be either 15-25 cm, with the depth set at 30 cm for the FIH approved boarding, and 19.5 cm for the training version.

All options can be finished with stickers to acknowledge sponsors or partners or to promote the club, game or tournament.

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