Stadium Floodlighting


RSI SPORTS LED floodlight technology provide high quality illumination at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional luminaires. The LED floodlights RSI SPORTS supplies are indifferent to regular on/off switching. They strike instantly and immediately produce the light intensity needed. Connected to smart management systems, the same LED luminaire can be used to illuminate lower league games as well as top league games and produce light intensity and uniformity accordingly. That also allows for only illuminating tennis courts or football, rugby or hockey fields at times when needed. Clubs no longer have to keep the lights burning to accommodate members playing or training late in the evening.

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Stadium Floodlighting
LED floodlight


RSI SPORTS LED floodlight solutions can achieve up to 70% energy reduction for an average club. Each luminaire can adjust the illumination strength at the click of a button. The technology allows for illuminating a game at national standards quality and, immediately thereafter, switch to training intensity to achieve additional energy savings. These LED floodlights have an economic life-span of up to 25 years. The lumen depreciation they experience is less than 1.5% per year. With each LED luminaire containing hundreds of individual LEDs, the luminaire will still produce sufficient light even when one light fails.

The floodlights are over-engineered to compensate for the natural quality degradation that luminaires experience. Suffice to say that a well-maintained LED luminaire supplied by RSI SPORTS will still deliver according to the requirements at the end of its economic life-span.

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The uniformity and color rendering achieved provides perfect vision. This enhances the spectator experience and improves the quality of officiating of the game as the improved contrast enables a much faster detection of movement.

Fans, players and officials can act accordingly. The LED luminaires we offer allow for the easy retrofitting of any sports facility. A replacement of masts or cables is no longer needed. Their wireless connectivity to the controls allows for installation without the need to dig trenches or disrupt the surroundings. Except for better light and a reduction in energy consumption, nobody will notice a difference.

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  • Improves player and spectator experience
  • Reduction of the energy consumption
  • Maintains high illumination quality for a longer period

Using LEDs saves CO2

When a hockey club, football club, tennis club or rugby club replaces it conventional luminaires with LED luminaires, it will help saving CO2. Estimates show that the CO2 saved when a hockey club replaces its conventional luminaires with LED technology is the equivalent of what would have been produced by an 80 km highway illuminated in accordance with European standards.

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