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Automatic Camera System

Automatic Camera System

The automatic camera system RSI SPORTS offers users high-quality cameras that are connected to a streaming package. Through artificial intelligence, the software selects its own camera settings and sequence, as well as automatically enhancing the footage with graphics or statistics before it streams content to multiple platforms. The generated content can be used for broadcasting and streaming, as well as analysis.

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Automatic Camera System

About the Automatic Camera System

The automatic camera system RSI SPORTS allows any club or league to take ownership of televised content. The cameras are directed by a high-speed tracking system that tracks the movement of the ball and players, and automatically directs the cameras’ select, based on preset parameters. The cameras can pan, tilt or zoom automatically and are capable of capturing the action in a crystal clear manner.

Cameras in the RSI SPORTS portfolio capture activities at a rate of 30 frames per second. They have an optical zoom that can zoom in 25 times. The autofocus ensures that all footage remains in focus, regardless of the weather conditions.

RSI SPORTS offers various packages, with each camera being capable of registering activities in a wide horizontal angle that has been calibrated to reach the entire pitch.

As the cameras are placed on sustainable, weatherproof and protected poles at heights that overlook the crowd standing next to the perimeter, they don’t require much additional attention or maintenance. The cameras are made for outdoor usage and are fitted in protective housing to protect the lenses and technology from the elements. They can also be used indoors.

Every camera is connected to a switch which is connected to a local server. The cameras are hardwired or can use a stable 4G or 5G WiFi connection to transmit their footage to a server that hosts the editing suite.

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Different Packages

RSI SPORTS offers its automatic camera system in different packages. You could start with a single PTZ camera which is positioned behind the goal or at the height of the centre line. Of course, a combination of both is possible to double up your angles and maybe also your purposes. Both wide-angle cameras capture the action all over the field. A third, fourth and even a fifth camera with the same specifications can be added on top of that. All of them will further enrich the analysis, streaming or broadcasting of all games.

Once installed, the systems and technology are available to all teams of a club, event or federation.

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