Live Streaming Software
Live Streaming Software

Live Streaming Software

RSI SPORTS makes it possible for any federation, league, tournament organiser or single club to become their own broadcaster. The self-educating software is easy to use, can be enhanced with data and overlays, and can be streamed simultaneously to multiple channels automatically.

Live Streaming Software
Live Streaming Software

About Live Streaming Software

RSI SPORTS offers a turnkey solution that allows leagues, tournament organisers and clubs to grow their fan base, increase their fan engagement and enhance the general profile of the league, club or event.

Manually or automatically generated content (by RSI SPORTS's camera system) can be streamed easily by using our TeamTV software. A good network connection is necessary to make sure the content of any single match can be streamed via our software towards multiple channels.

The footage can automatically be enriched by adding match statistics or data, as well as, for instance, by adding heatmaps. Furthermore, the system can be instructed to show commercial clips or sponsor messages, according to preset parameters.

Footage can automatically be sent to multiple channels like YouTube or Facebook. The system can also be used to automatically generate clips, highlights or short reviews of matches played. These highlights, reviews or clips can be played or distributed automatically.

Grow the Game

The live streaming software allows leagues and clubs to bring the game to a wider public. It also allows for targeting specific groups and sponsors, and adds value to partners already involved in the club or league. These partners can increase their exposure by booking advertising space that will automatically be broadcast in a stream, and be assured of clips in which their message appears, or by sharing any other footage that aligns to the sponsorship agreement. A smart integration into the league or club’s marketing and communication strategy can see any club or league joining those that have been dominant historically.

Live Streaming Software

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