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Performance Software

Performance Software

The RSI SPORTS performance software allows players to peak at the right moment in the season and prevents coaches from overburdening individual players or their team. The software tracks players continuously and delivers data about their activity that is easy to read and understand. This knowledge can be aligned to the performance requirements individual players are supposed to deliver.

Performance Software
Performance Software

About RSI SPORTS Performance Software

RSI SPORTS is able to offer ultra-wideband and GPS tracking technologies to track and capture the performance of players. Ultra-wideband tracking is able to transmit its data at high speed and with accuracy.

Both technologies communicate with microchips that players wear as part of their kit or in specific vests used for training purposes. The data collected show coaching staff and players insights, with statistics like running speed and positions on the field, which can be aligned with heart rates, and an array of other statistics.

Knowledge obtained allows coaches to proactively act or react in the interest of the game or the players. The knowledge also allows coaches and players to strategically plan or turn the game around to their advantage.

Most importantly, it allows coaches and players to prevent injuries or a decline in a player’s physical capabilities pre-empting fatigue or overstretching a player’s capacity.
The database, with data captured throughout the season, allows coaching staff to plan ahead the use of individual players. This is to ensure they’ll be able to maximise the players’ abilities and capacities at times when it is needed the most.

Enhancing Live Feed

Once integrated into the RSI SPORTS video live streaming software, the data collected can be used to enhance the feed by delivering heatmaps of individual players or statistics like distances covered or numbers of sprints.

This will greatly contribute to viewer experience and engagement.

Performance Software

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