Video Analysis Software
Video Analysis Software

Video Analysis Software

The unique video analysis software enables any team manager or player to improve the performance of the team. RSI SPORTS developed its software together with software partner TeamTV. By easy-to-use tagging of important moments or activities, sequences or repeats can be automatically grouped in clips that can be reviewed, discussed and shared with coaching staff and players within your own account.

Video Analysis

About Video Analysis Software

Improving individual players or the game is all about learning from one’s mistakes. By aligning input from tags placed by a member of the technical team, together with footage that can be obtained from the smart cameras RSI SPORTS uses to register games and training activities, a database with smart content is created. A unique online platform that is used to store all footage obtained enables the sharing of clips or game reviews, based on all tags received during or after every event.

RSI SPORTS developed its video analysis software together with software partner TeamTV. An easy to operate screen on a tablet or smartphone allows the coaching staff to tag moments and incidents during a training session or match. Tags are automatically synchronised with footage captured by a camera.

The tags allow clips or footage to be retrieved or assembled easily to create clips that provide insights and historical analysis. These clips enable the reviewing of similar incidents or moments in different games or sessions.

When integrated with the RSI SPORTS livestreaming software, data obtained through the video analysis software can be used to enhance a live feed by adding statistics like the number of corners or fouls committed. 

TeamTV is a cloud-based content management system that allows for comments to be added to the clips before they are shared with the management team, individual players or a group of players. This allows players and coaching staff to discuss moments or incidents without the need of all being present.

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All video content and data is stored in the cloud. This allows for easy retrieval. A trained tagger will be tagging the moments or incidents, and the technology can be used to improve or guide all players that are registered.

Independent Technology

When connected to the software used for the RSI SPORTS live video streaming package, the analysis software can enrich the feed by sharing predefined sets of data automatically. This will greatly enhance the viewer experience of spectators watching each live stream.

Video Analysis Software

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