Enjoy the benefits of artificial turf at home or complete your facility by finishing its green and recreational areas with an artificial turf surface. Artificial turf hardly requires any maintenance and is certainly not reliant on water to remain in pristine condition.

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Our Family Grass turf solutions can provide a safe and durable surface at home, near busy motorways, at airports and office parks too. Using RSI Family grass to finish your facility will reduce the bill for landscaping services and the reliance on professionals to maintain the inviting condition of your green areas.

Using Family Grass artificial turf at home is also the best guarantee that you and your children will have a safe garden where you can comfortably relax or play games. RSI SPORTS’s artificial turf for landscaping uses yarn in different colors and shapes to resemble a natural grass surface. The turf can be cut into any shape to ensure that it fits anywhere.

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Safe and comfortable

Thanks to the use of the Base Panel elastic system underneath the carpet, the artificial turf surface provides a safer and more comfortable surface than any other product. It also allows for nice and safe play grounds or grass-like surfaces in places that experience engineering limitations. Base Panel does not require extensive groundworks to provide a safe surface.

RSI SPORTS’s artificial turf for landscaping purposes is of the same high-quality as the synthetic turf products for sports.


  • The most hygiene surface available for recreational purposes
  • Allows for converting any space into a safe and green playground
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