RSI SPORTS has developed the first artificial turf carpet that can be fully recycled into another artificial turf carpet of similar quality. RSI SPORTS succeeded in doing so by embracing a raw material the artificial turf industry never gave a chance.

RSI SPORTS Grass2Grass is produced from polyester, a raw material that, for a long time, was deemed too expensive for the production of artificial turf. “Where polypropylene and polyethylene are degenerative materials, polyester has excellent memory characteristics. This allows it to retain its shape, allowing us to recycle reclaimed Grass2Grass carpets to new artificial turf carpets multiple times,” explains RSI SPORTS managing partner, Arnoud Fiolet.


In addition to the production of yarn, the polyester is also used for producing the backing as well as the glue that is used for the installation of the carpet. “Once lifted and processed through a mechanical recycling unit, all reclaimed materials can be used for producing new artificial turf.”

The adoption of polyester as a raw material distinguishes RSI SPORTS, once again, in the international artificial turf market.

“We felt that, by continuing down the same path, we wouldn’t find a solution to the existing problem of end-of-life turf. These carpets can only be down-cycled, hence the industry remains heavily reliant on virgin raw material. Using polyester as raw material enables RSI SPORTS to meet the highest step on the Lansink Ladder.”

The Lansink Ladder is a tool used in the evaluation of processes that protect the environment alongside resource and energy consumption from most favourable to least favourable actions.

In 2019, RSI won the Dutch Small Business Innovation Research Government tender to develop and conceptualise fully re-usable Grass. The government recognised that the concept could provide a solution for the end of life problem that currently exists in the Dutch and European market.

After 2,5 years of research, of testing of retesting and re-engineering RSI has developed a turf systems for various applications that will meet international industry standards.

A sample hockey pitch tested by ISA KIWA according to Dutch market standards by have shown that RSI SPORTS Grass2Grass meets the relevant performance criteria. The quality and performance criteria pursued by the Dutch are amongst the highest and most stringent in the world.

The G2G technology has been patented (patent pending) and RSI is committed to develop the technology further to be the leading standard in material use, fulfilling the EU 2030 objectives.


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