Natural Turf

Natural Grass Football Pitches

Benefit from our skill and experience by handing over the design, construction, maintenance and operation of your football pitches to RSI SPORTS. The various business units of RSI SPORTS employ and involve a variety of experienced people. This includes football architects, turf care specialists, equipment suppliers, landscapers and many more who employ their skills at football pitches around Europe.

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Natural Turf
Natural Turf


RSI SPORTS looks at natural grass surfaces holistically and at their quality over longer periods. To RSI the handover of the surface is only the beginning.

Each project involves thorough analysis the local geographical and climate conditions. This data is enriched with data and knowledge from weather forecasters, historical grass disease databases and anticipated trends in game developments and playing styles.

The input acquired is matched with the anticipated use of the field and the availability of supporting technologies.

Important parameters

  • What is the intended usage and usage capacity?
  • What are the soil conditions?
  • What are the local draining conditions?
  • What are the climate conditions?
  • What possible threats have been identified?
  • What maintenance expertise is available?
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As a one-stop shop, RSI SPORTS is always at the forefront of developing or embracing new techniques and technologies. In doing so, RSI SPORTS is not deterred by the need to break barriers, enter new territories or adopt different visions.

The adoption by RSI  SPORTS of the Rhenac sports LED grass grow and LED grass care technology serves as an example of our philosophy. Thanks to the input of RSI SPORTS, Rhenac Sports LED has improved the technology. The latest generation is now fully automated and has irrigation, heating, fertilization, lighting and ventilation integrated.

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Natural Turf


RSI SPORTS agronomists have experience that dates back to even before the start of the millennium. The list of their remarkable installations includes surfaces for Champions League finals, African Nations Cups tournaments, the UEFA Centre of Excellence and FIFA World Cup tournaments.

All RSI SPORTS agronomists are always on top of their game. They continuously participate in training new greenkeepers as well as in the development of new technologies. This enables them to always have access to the latest data and techniques to improve the surface.

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