Athletic Skills Model


The Athletic Skills Model (ASM) is a practical and scientifically based talent development model for recreational and unorganized sport, Physical Education, elite sport, health care and art and culture. By thinking in terms of skills, concepts and competencies, other forms of play, activities, exercises and sports can contribute to optimal talent development.

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Athletic Skills Model
Athletic Skills Model


The Athletic Skills Model introduces a unique structure of versatility through Adaptive Training, Donor Sports and Multisports. Solutions from one sport are consciously and unconsciously transferred to another. This results in positive transfers in the technical, tactical, conditional, strategic and mental areas. With this targeted approach, programmes can be tailor-made for every kind of sport and movement, for every mover and for all levels.

Together with our partner the Athletic Skills Company, RSI has developed several small-sided courts that offer anybody keen to do sports or exercise, a low-entry opportunity to improve their health or to hone their skills.

  • Skills GardenĀ®: A Skills Garden is all about meeting, challenging and having fun in sports. Users can exercise, rehabilitate, relax, train and play here.
  • Athletic Skills Track: An Athletic Skills Track is an innovative multifunctional outdoor training facility. It is custom designed and can be selected from various sports and game elements.
  • Athletic Skills Gymnasium: An Athletic Skills Gymnasium is an innovative, challenging, attractive indoor exercise facility. It is designed for the best and most challenging gym classes and training sessions from the ASM.
  • Athletic Skills Health centre: An Athletic Skills Health Center offers patients a challenging and seductive rehabilitation street where the recovery can be accelerated or promoted in many ways.

The multi-color facilities can be finished with a RSI Sports Panel hardcourt surface or an artificial turf carpet installed on an RSI Base Panel shock-absorbing and impact attenuation layer. Both surfaces can be installed without the need for extensive groundworks. The facility comes with fencing and boarding.

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Technological developments such as mobile phones, computer games and digital media have led to children growing up in a different culture of movement, in which outdoor play no longer plays a leading role. Children exercise less and sit more often. They miss the pleasure of moving. Children also stop exercising sooner and are less motivated to move in later life.

We not only move too little, but often too one-sidedly. This is a social problem that has consequences for important issues such as health, fitness and creativity, as well as sport performance. This leads to a disturbed motor development, therefore increasing the risk of health problems and injuries.

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These extremely challenging Parks make your kids train their skills hard, have fun!
Oliver Kurtz, Olympic gold medal winner and German international


  • Easy to install sports and play infrastructure
  • Easy to maintain sports and play facility
  • Easy way to add training capacity
  • Low-key solution to stimulate people exercising

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