Interactive Exercise Wall

The RSI interactive exercise wall uses gamification to get everybody, from the youngest to the most senior age groups, more active and cognitively aware. This innovative product will improve their motor skills and stimulate their ability to adapt and learn.

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Gaming is one of the fastest growing leisure activities in modern society. It demands dedication, offers rewards and provides instant feedback. RSI has combined these influences with technology. 

The MultiBALL interactive wall is a large touchscreen that allows people to use a ball to play an interactive game. The software and sensors recognize balls of as small as 4 centimeters in diameter. This makes it possible to play multiple games on the same wall. The wall pushes players to focus on what is projected and forces them to think and act quickly and to move into the best position to react. 

Infrared sensors record activities and scores and can project this data to encourage the player to act accordingly. Data can also be shared via an app with players personally. The system can be supplied with a sound system to further enhance the playing experience or stimulate participation. 

Apart from providing an interactive leisure activity, the wall is also perfectly suitable for lecturing. The competitive element of answering multiple choice questions on an interactive wall will stimulate children to think and act faster as well as allow them to experience their statistics in relation to their peers. 

Technology doesn’t know any limits. The RSI Interactive wall can be used for any game and at any facility. Feedback from current users shows an increase in footfall and usage of a facility. 

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Interactive Exercise Wall


The interactive wall also helps injured athletes and senior citizens to exercise and improve their health within their limits. The speed, range and projection of the games can be adjusted according to their needs. 

As mental boundaries are often the main limit to people’s physical activities, physiotherapists and caretakers can help their patients or wards to overcome these challenges using the wall’s gaming element which will suppress these fears and encourage harder work. They can also use the games projected to repeat movements or encourage users to move following in a certain sequence. This can strengthen or relieve certain muscle groups in accordance with what is beneficial to the player.


  • Can be used for a range of games and age groups
  • Uses just a few square meters to occupy and satisfy many people
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