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Sports are becoming increasing technical and fast. These days, ambitious players are required to master all different kind of techniques. Developing such skill sets requires practice, time and plenty of specialized training. We are facilitating clubs, colleges or universities with the development of high performance and sustainable field concepts.

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Skill Parks
Skill Parks


Skill Parks can be installed from 91m2 up. A modular panel system allows for the quick installation of a park. The Base-Panel panels provide a level, stable, well-draining, shock-absorbing subbase. The same sustainable and innovative solution is used when installing a full-size hockey field.

Recreational Systems International combines excellent service that focuses on innovation. We continuously consider new trends and technical developments.

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A Skill Park will be useful for all members of a club! In particular children from the age group of 5-6 and 16-18 will improve their skills when the exercises are part of their training. The less experienced, recreational hockey player can use the park to improve the handling of the stick. Other than that, a Skill Park allows for improving one’s condition and coordination without the need for a hockey stick.

Children that use the park during their spare time will benefit from the extra practice. A Skill Park guarantees hockey fun as well as an improvement of motor skills and technique.

In addition, it offers a club increased field and training capacity. Spending time in a Skill Park during a training session will relieve the main field.

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These extremely challenging Parks make your kids train their skills hard, have fun!
Oliver Kurtz, Olympic gold medal winner and German international


  • Reduce the training intensity of your existing fields
  • Invest in the quality of skills development for young players
  • Have challenging and specific exercises based on the latest hockey techniques
  • Train in various patterns that collectively hone all relevant skills
  • Have a beautiful sign board in club colors
  • Take advantage of the activation plan we compiled

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