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CLS Technology; Redefining Perfect In Perfect Pitch Management

A webinar on the change in grass grow technology. The CLS technology incorporated in the RBL system is revolutionising the way grass is being handled ...

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Sustainable Pitch Maintenance With UV-C Technology

Sustainable pitch care is becoming the norm, but a challenge that is difficult to achieve. Those willing to adopt hi-tech solutions will become the on...

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Effectiveness of CLS (Complete Light Spectrum) Compared to HPS (High Pressure Sodium) on Natural Turf

Scientific research shows how complete light spectrum plays an important role in grass growth.

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Double Membrane VS Single Membrane Airdome Systems

Die ganzjährige Nutzung einer Sportanlage ist ein großer Vorteil für die Finanzen eines Vereins.Traglufthallen sind eine kreative Lösung zur Maximieru...

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Circular Turf System

The CTS system is our response to more sustainable sports surfaces and desire for artificial pitches.

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Hybrid Grass Reinforcement Systems

Development in hybrid grass systems

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Double Membrane vs Single Membrane Airdome Systems

Using a sports facility year-round will greatly benefit a club’s finances. Airdomes are a creative solution for maximizing a facility. Double membrane...

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